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What is KinkBot?

- A Discord Bot centered around NSFW images.
- Great for drawn NSFW but still with some real life image commands ;)
- Super speedy and to the point with errors.
- Not a super serious bot. I like to keep things playful.
- Always online ready to provide your daily dosage of NSFW.

What are the Commands?

Main Commands:

*help - Display the help command
*prefix - Get your server's prefix(es)

NSFW Commands:

Realbooru - Real NSFW Imageboard
Rule34 - If it exists, there's porn of it
Gelbooru - Anime & Hentai Imageboard
E621 - Furry Porn Imageboard
Dick - Locally grown cock!
Tumblr - Search blogs filled with porn ;)
Yaoi / Yuri - Gay / Lesbo Hentai
Ass / Tits - Ass & Titties ( . )( . )
Gif - Hmmm, idk about this one
Neko - Nyan nya~!
Anal - Surprise Buttsecks OwO
Lesbian - C'mon, I don't gotta explain this one, do I?
Pussy - The most requested feature (oddly enough)
NHentai - Search or VIEW nhentai right in your Discord! Do the command for more help on usage
Hentai - Look for any type of hentai you desire. Hover / click to view what is allowed.