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What's the default prefix?

*, kb!, and @KinkBot are prefixes by default. You can change your server's prefix with the setprefix command. KinkBot will always respond to a mention, so @KinkBot setprefix and @KinkBot prefix can always be used.

Why won't the bot reply?

First of all, start off by typing the command you want to use and make sure that you have used the correct prefix. For example, the pussy command would be written like this "*pussy" (without the speech marks). Now, if this did not work you may be in a spot of bother. In order to test the functionality of KinkBot, you will have to mention KinkBot followed by the command like @KinkBot#2286 help. if you get a reply, then your prefix isn't the default one (the help menu can help you change your prefix). You can join the support server for further assistance.

Why can't I get porn?

Make sure that you have the channel of which you want porn marked as NSFW and make sure that you pass all the tests above. If this does not resolve your problem then maybe the desired command is disables on your server. If you are an administrator of the server you can check this at Another possibility is that you aren't able to view porn as you are locked out of the bot, although it will tell you if so. Most bots that post images or replies require the permissions; send messages, embed links, attach files, and add reactions.

How do I use tags?

Tagging for booru sites (like rule34, realbooru, e621):

After the bot command add tags to filter your search. Use spaces to separate tags, and use underscores in place of spaces within tags (like with character names.) Ex: *r34 Samus_aran blushing tongue_out

You can be as specific as you'd like, but note that rule34 doesn't always have everything tagged correctly or thoroughly. That said, you can omit images containing tags you dislike by including a minus symbol ( - ) before the tag. Ex: Ex: *r34 Samus_aran blushing tongue_out -tentacles -tentacle -futa -futanari

If you want to omit a tag, be sure to be thorough and specific when doing so, especially with rule34. You can include any possible permutation of the tag you'd want to avoid. Note that this doesn't guarantee you'll get an image without the tags specified. It only finds images including those tags, so if an image is not tagged correctly, then it can still come through. For western cartoon and video game characters, *r34 usually provides better results. (Though western lewd artists are a... mixed bag usually.) When searching for a specific western character, type the first name first. i.e. Samus_Aran. For Japanese characters, *gelbooru contains thousands more images and most are very thoroughly tagged. Remember to type the last name first and use traditional romaji spelling. This can sometimes be a little complicated, so here are a few examples: Kyoko Sakura from Madoka Magica: *gelbooru Sakura_Kyouko

And to more broadly search for a show or game, make sure to know the proper Japanese trasnlation. So for Puella Magi Madoka Magica: *gelbooru mahou_shoujo_madoka_magica.
Credits to Linku

How do I invite KinkBot

First, make sure you have Manage Server permission in your desired server. Next, click "Invite KinkBot" on the main page and select which server. Giving the bot the rquested permissions is usually best as it allows images to embed and load properly, as well as post links desired.

Images aren't loading! Help!

This can be for a number of reasons. First check KinkBot's permissions. Usually the safest bet is administrator, but Embed Links is a definite must. Next, it could be an issue with Discord's embed servers. Can other users view the image? If not, it is probably Discord. Finally, it could be your ISP blocking access for whatever reason. I seriously have no clue at this point.

It says me or my server is locked!

This can happen due to members in your server being twats, you being a twat, or your community or yourself being considerably young. If you want to request an unlock, ask a mod on the KinkBot server and they will decide if you are locked for a good reason.

Is this bot open source?

Nope, sorry! I've no plans on releasing the code for KinkBot.

What data does KB collect?

The privacy policy has all of this info available.

I have a question not on here!

Click the support button on the top of the page and talk to a moderator. If they can't help, feel free to ask me (Neko) <3