KinkBot Privacy Policy

Yes, I understand this is a shitty privacy policy. However, it covers everything I feel it should do.


KinkBot is a bot for Discord that provides users ("you", "your") with Not Safe For Work ("NSFW") content posted in DMs or a channel. In order to provide a quality service, some data is collected on KinkBot's website ("site") and on Discord (the "app" or "Discord"). The maintainers of this bot ("our", "us" and "we") strive to be as transparent as possible with what is done with this data. By using KinkBot, you agree to the use of certain data as described below.

What gets collected?

When you use the bot in Discord (perform a command), it stores the time of your message, a unique user ID that can be used to identify your Discord profile, channel and guild information, the content of your message and what happened as a result of your message.

When using the site, information regarding the request is stored. This information consists of the time of the request, the URL you are requesting, your IP address and User Agent.

What happens to my information?

All information is kept encrypted and secure on one of KinkBot's servers located in France. It will be kept for as long as Discord and we remain operational or until you request its removal. Under no circumstance will it be sold off or given to a third party unless any of the following conditions are met:

  • The requestor of said information is the owner of it and wishes to receive it.
  • The information is requested by law enforcements. (hmm lmao)
  • The owner of the information consents to its distribution.

The data collected from using KinkBot in the app is used to provide us with insight on what commands are popular, where commands are most frequently used and how often commands are used in order to better the quality of service that we provide.

Data from our site, such as the URL and time of request, is used to see what pages are frequently visisted. Your IP and user agent are logged in order to monitor the amount of automated connections (known as crawlers or bots) and block abusers of the system.

Accessing or removing your information

You can request the removal of your information by contacting a moderator on the support server, however doing so will result in the bot no longer replying. This cannot be undone, so choose carefully. If you would like to view all of the information we have collected, contact Neko#0013 on Discord (also found in the support server) and this can be arranged.


We do not knowingly allow children to access pornographic images when they use our bot mrpotatoman. While we do make an effort to prevent it ourselves, no images are posted unless the user accepts that they are over 18 when entering a special type of Discord channel, in which the bot will only ever post NSFW content.


You are more than welcome to message us regarding this privacy policy and put forth any queries by contacting a moderator on the support server. This is the only way to get in touch, as we can't afford an email service. :)